Canyoning is a relatively new sport, very love din Europe and in the US and practiced more and more in our country. As a touristic activity, canyoning is activ or adventure tourism, and not an extreme sport.

Canyoning means traveling through water basins and mountain river basins, descending down waterfalls and swimming through water accumulation, being a playful and sport activity that can be done by anyone, regardless of their training.

It should however be done only in the presence and following the guidance of traind instructors and on easy routes that are properly set up..

In our country, canyoning was first introduced as a leisure activity in a tourism package by the builders of „Romania Gorj Adventure” programme, after verifying and checking several routes with specialists from France and Italy.

The most exciting touristic canyoning circuit in Romania and maybe even Europe is the one in Sipotului Valley in Valcan mountains, which offers not only easy car access but also a wonderful string of six waterfalls between 7 and 35 metres high, vertical, inclined, an exceptional route with waterslides, marmites, natural obstacles and a great pool about 40 square metres in surface and 4-5 metres deep, where people can jump as high as 10 metres in.

The circuit is checked permanently and fixed when needed, being accessible to all sorts of tourists, no matter the age, physical training or technical knowledge, but only supervised by trained instructoors and using adequate equipment.

Canyoning is not dangerous as long as it is done only when the water lvel is lower than 50-70 cm.

The equipment used in canyoning should be neoprene suit and shoes, individual harness, helmet, ropes, carabiners, safety loops, sealable bottle, harness and equipment protections, launching/descending gear, etc.