Memorial Houses

  • Glodeni (comm. Bălăneşti): I. Popescu Voiteşti Memorial House, great Romanian geologist;
  • Hobiţa (comm. Peştişani): Constantin Brâncuși Memorial House;
  • Vladimir (comm. Vladimir): Tudor Vladimirescu Memorial House (1780- 1821), the man who would lead the Revolution of 1821. His house is a typical peasant house with wooden balcony. The two chambers manage to mirror the surroundings of the romanian village from the beginning of the XIXth Century and paint through images and documents the lide and activity of Tudor. Is is located 50 km South-East from Targu Jiu.
  • Târgu Jiu: Ecaterina Teodoroiu Memorial House
    The house dates from 1884. This is the house where Catalina – a national heroine was born. She volunteered for the battles of the First World War. She died heroically leading the plutoon she was commanding as a sub-liutenant in the battles of Marasesti – August 1917.

Despite the historic evolution of social-economic development , a few settlements in Gorj have the merit of preserving an old historic frame that shows the inhabitants and tourists today their development stages:

  • Târgu Jiu: the old city center that includes all the houses mentioned above, the public buildings, C. Brancusi ensemble, city park;
  • Târgu Cărbuneşti: the central perimeter where approximately 50 old buildings were well preserved;
  • Curtişoara (comm. Bumbeşti Jiu): old residence of Lord Litovoi, today it hosts the Popular Architecture Museum, Cornoiu Manor, Tatarescu Ensemble, St. John the Baptist  church, 1820, as well as old houses and manors (centuries XVIII-XIX);
  • Tantareni (comm. Tantareni): the old communal center with 19 peasant houses built between 1920-1925.