Gorj county has a relatively large number of museums and a large number of these have ethnofolcloric character:

  • Târgu Jiu:

Gorj County Museum was founded in 1894 by the initiative and work of Alexandru Stefulescu. The building was renovated in 2007-2008. Among the items exhibited there are items from different eras, such as from paleolitic, neolitic, bronze era, Dac and Roman periods, documents from the first state formations, from the feudal and modern eras.

The Art Museum was founded in 1984, and since 1993 it functiions in the building located in Targu Jiu`s Central Park. It offers the visitors old romanian icons of special artistic value, studies and paintings by Vasile Blendea and Iosif Keber, pastels, exhibits from the XVIIth Century belonging to the Flemish and Italian schools, paintings by Alexandru Ciucurencu, Corneliu Baba and many other classical and contemporary artists.

  • Curtişoara:

The Museum for Popular Architecture Curtisoara, founded in 1975, numbers as many as 30 exhibits that offer an insight to the way Gorj people lived throughout the ages. It was built around the ensemble formed by Cula Cornoiu and the other buildings of the families that owned it.

  • Leleşti: History and Ethnography Museum open in 1977.

In Gorj County there are a number of 13 museums and ethnographic colections, mostly located in villages and small towns that have the merit of preserving objects and values of popular art and creation specific to this folckloric homeground (table no. 1).

List of ethnographic colectons and museums in Gorj County1

Table no.1

No. Settlement (commune, village) Collection Village collection * Village museum * Open-air ethnographic museum *
1. Albeni * (wood works)
2. Arcani *(sewing and fabrics)
3. Bengeşti – Ciocadia *(ceramics, home items)
4. Borăscu *
5. Curtişoara
6. Padeş (sat Călugăreni) *
7. Runcu (sat Dobriţa) *
8. Runcu *
9. Căluia (sat Găleşoaia) *
10. Glogova *
11. Leleşti *
12. Samarineşti (sat Larga) *
13. Mun. Târgu Jiu (sat Ştefăneşti) *

¹ Institute for research in tourism– Study to promote ethnographic museums, Bucharest, 2000

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