Purpose and objectives

  • Brancusi`s Homeland” Association is a necessary project for the developing of tourism in Gorj County. Both the founders and the ones that joined us afterwards or keep joining the project are convinced that a public/private partnership is nothing but beneficial to the develpment of gorj county tourism and to the local community as well.
  • The association represents the first step of an efficiant cooperation between the private tourism operators and the local public administrations, with a main purpose being that of developing the tourism in Gorj as an economical alternative for the local communities.
  • One of the main purpose of the association is to create the turistic brand of Gorj.
  • In order to be actively resent on the national and international tourism markets, constant promotional activities have to be made at the quality standards imposed.
  • As a member of the National Association of Tourism Agencies in Romania, „Brancusi`s Homeland” Association is a participant of the debates regarding the laws for tourism in Romania and the main legal framework.
  • According to the statute, „Brancusi`s Homeland” Association for Tourism Development and Promotion will participate dirrectly or as partners in development projects for Gorj county tourism by accessing European funds.

The objectives of „Brancusi`s Homeland” Association for Development and Promotion of tourism, as defined by the associations`s statute, are:

  1. coordinating the promotional activity of the touristic brand of Gorj County by editing appropriate flyers to complement individual promotion;
  2. implementing, monitoring, evaluating and addapting to the social-economical tendencies and changes set by the Strategy for the Deveopment of Tourism in Gorj county;
  3. organising an coordinating research activities for tourism;
  4. incouraging and implementing initiatives, practices, prgrammes and projects in the sustainable tourism area;
  5. production and distribution of promotional and/or touristic marketing flyers;
  6. protection, preservation and maintenance of the environment, of the cultural, historical, touristical heritage in Gorj county;
  7. organising and/or participating at events, fairs, exhibitions, conferences for promoting the Gorj tourism and/or the interests of the members, at their requests.